Way Back

Way Back

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The Mar­ti­ans seem to have cal­cu­la­ted their des­cent with ama­zing subtlety–their mathe­ma­ti­cal lear­ning is evi­dent­ly far in excess of ours–and to have car­ri­ed out their pre­pa­ra­ti­ons with a well-nigh per­fect unani­mi­ty. Had our instru­ments per­mit­ted it, we might have seen the gathe­ring trou­ble far back in the nine­te­enth cen­tu­ry. Men like Schia­pa­rel­li wat­ched the red planet–it is odd, by-the-bye, that for count­less cen­tu­ries Mars has been the star of war–but fai­led to inter­pret the fluc­tua­ting appearan­ces of the mar­kings they map­ped so well. All that time the Mar­ti­ans must have been get­ting ready.

And we men, the crea­tures who inha­bit this earth, must be to them at least as ali­en and low­ly as are the mon­keys and lemurs to us. The intellec­tu­al side of man alre­a­dy admits that life is an inces­sant strugg­le for exis­tence, and it would seem that this too is the belief of the minds upon Mars. Their world is far gone in its coo­ling and this world is still crow­ded with life, but crow­ded only with what they regard as infe­ri­or ani­mals. To car­ry war­fa­re sun­ward is, inde­ed, their only escape from the des­truc­tion that, gene­ra­ti­on after gene­ra­ti­on, creeps upon them.


Date:  5. Mai 2014
Skills:  Stills, Urban
Client:  Collin Patrick Inc